[] 4球団間のトレードの噂


According to sources, both the Red Sox and Orioles have resigned themselves to accommodating the trade requests of Ramirez and Tejada, who want off of their respective teams. But since the Orioles have signed Jeromy Burnitz to complete their outfield, they may not have a match with the Red Sox in a straight-up Tejada-for-Ramirez deal, so several baseball executives said they'd have to get other teams involved.

That's where the Mets and Devil Rays come in. The basics of the four-team deal that had the baseball executives buzzing on Friday and would appear to satisfy the needs of all four clubs would have Tejada and Tampa Bay's Joey Gathright going to the Red Sox to fill Boston's holes at shortstop and center field.

Ramirez and Baez would go to the Mets, giving them one of the game's best sluggers and a setup man. The Orioles would satisfy their need at shortstop by getting Julio Lugo from Tampa Bay and add pitching by getting Matt Clement from Boston and possibly Kris Benson from the Mets.

The Devil Rays, who have always been difficult to deal with, especially in complicated transactions, are seeking top prospects and young pitching and would be satisfied in that regard by getting third baseman Andy Marte from Boston and Jae Seo and Aaron Heilman from the Mets. In addition, the Mets would send Kaz Matsui to Tampa to give the D-Rays a stopgap shortstop replacement until prospect B.J. Upton is ready.


Manny RamirezMiguel Tejadaトレード希望していて、チームもそれに応えようとしているが先日オリオールズJeromy Burnitzを獲得したので外野レギュラー陣が埋まってしまった。


これは4球団の要望に応える形で、まずMiguel Tejada(BAL)とJoey Gathright(TB)がレッドソックストレードされ、それぞれSSCFを務める。

Manny RamirezとDannys Baez(TB)ははメッツへ行き、メッツスラッガーセットアップを獲得するだろう。SSを必要とするオリオールズJulio Lugo(TB)を獲得。そして先発投手Matt Clement(BOS)と可能であるならば、メッツからKris Benson(NYM)も獲得するだろう。

デビルレイズはトップ・プロスペクトと若い投手の獲得を求めており、これに報いる形でAndy Marte(BOS)とJae Seo(NYM)、Aaron Heilman(NYM)を獲得する。さらに松井稼頭央(NYM)も、B.J.Upton(TB)がSSに適応するまでの埋め合わせとして獲得するかもしれない。


Parallels2Parallels22006/01/01 00:29すごすぎですねー。これが実現してもTBからするとMarteの扱いにこまりそうですね。Barroughs取ってますモンね。