S.F. Giants復活の日を夢見て



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The Hardball Timesがまたマニアックなナリーグワイルドカード予想を書いている。


Luckily, that's not much of a risk in the National League, where the wild card will almost be certainly be won by one of Philadelphia, Florida, Houston, New York or Washington.


  • 攻撃力: フィラデルフィア
    • Just looking at the runs scored totals for all five teams, the Phillies appear to be the class of the group with 613 runs, good for fourth in the NL. The Mets are next at 607 runs (5th), followed by Florida at 588 (7th), Houston at 552 (13th) and Washington at 508 (16th).
  • 投手力: ヒューストン
    • While it isn't entirely clear which of the five teams really has the best offense, the same cannot be said about the pitching. Houston clearly has the best pitching staff, as the Astros have allowed the fewest runs in the NL (502) and have the second-lowest ERA (3.57) and, unlike three of the other four teams, they do not play in a pitcher's park.
    • ヒューストンの先発三本柱が凄い: Roger Clemens (1.51 ERA, 184.1 IP), Andy Pettitte (2.60 ERA, 176.2 IP) and Roy Oswalt (2.94 ERA, 195.2 IP) have combined for a sick 2.36 ERA in 556.2 innings.
  • けが人: 条件は大差ないように思える
  • 残りスケジュールの対戦相手: ヒューストンが最も楽な相手との対戦が多い
  • 結論: ヒューストン
    • Houston, however, seems to be the best bet to win the wild card. Although they have the worst hitting of the group, they also have the best pitching. And they should be getting two players back from injuries who could help them in the final month. And of course they have the easiest schedule remaining.



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tagkaztagkaz2005/09/04 02:56僕もHOUに一票です。3本柱が最後まで怪我なく投げ抜いてくれることを願います。あとはEnsbergとBiggioの調子が戻れば絶体勝てる。やっぱり怖いのはPHIとFLAですね。